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Sunstone & Copper
NEW! Bright shiny copper is the perfect setting for Oregon Sunstone, which glitters with reddish-gold highlights of it's own. This is a continuous run of three strands of copper wire, and is a pendant approximately 2" tall and 1.5" wide.

$40.00 US PPD

14k GF Wire Wrapped Amethyst
Large Amethyst wrapped with 14k Gold Filled wire, in one continuous flow of metal. 14k GF chain is also included. The entire pendant measures about 2.5 inches long.

$67.50 US PPD

Red Bead Swirl
Centered around a red and gold bead of Venetian glass, 14k gold filled wire is swirled into one of my favorite patterns.

$45.00 US PPD

Turquoise Bead Pendant
Gold filled wire is twisted and wrapped around two turquoise beads to make a pendant about 1/25 inches long. The beads are nugget-like, with a soft, natural look.

$35.00 US PPD

Hematite in Silver

Hematite in Silver
Bright Hematite cabochon, wrapped with sterling silver wire in a pendant. The generous bail will accommodate a black choker (see Accessories page), a ribbon or chain.

$55.00 US PPD

One of a Kind Glass & Silver Wrapped pendant
This unique piece of dichroic glass was a natural for wire sculpture. The glass has flashes of green, blue and gold, and reminds me of a bird in flight. The silver wrapping the piece is very simple. The chain is not included. Shipped boxed.

$30.00 US PPD


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