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Travelling Fleece hat
This is what I call a Traveling hat - crushable, washable polyester fleece with many looks - brim down, brim up or a combination. This fleece pattern appropriately has postage all over it! Lined with flannel-backed satin to prevent static and "hat hair", this hat will pull down over the top of my ears with the brim up. All hats are medium-sized. Fun to wear!


Creamy Fleece cloche
This hat is made of creamy white fleece, accented by a gold-tone swirl button. The cloche style is especially warm over the ears. Fully lined with flannel-backed satin - in red.

$15.00 US PPD

Pink Fleece Cloche Hat
This cloche hat is a warm one with 4 layers over the ears, and adorned with a shell button with a tulip design.

$15.00 US PPD

This black and cream fleece hat is in a close to the head cloche style. Art deco button, and lined with black satin.

$15.00 US PPD

Pink Floral print fleece hat
Cute and cuddly, pink floral fleece cloche-style hat embellished with an antique-look silver-tone button.

$15.00 US PPD

Cloth Napkins and more
This year I started making cloth napkins, one or two layers of fabric, with a rolled hem. They are totally reusable and washable, since they are 100% cotton. They have been pre-washed. There are six napkins, and two hotpads, which are insulated between the contrasting layers of fabric. The hotpads have a loop for hanging them up as part of your decor!


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