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Red Jacketed Earring
This earring pair has a deep red Swarovski crystal bead and sterling silver accents. The wires are handshaped sterling silver wire. The drop is about 1 inch long.

$20.00 US PPD

Rose Quartz Earrings
These delicate earrings are made of faceted Rose Quartz, with a small faux pearl accent bead. The wires are hand-shaped of sterling silver wire

$15.00 PPD US

Pink Glass Pearl Earrings
Handshaped gold plated wires support a delicate drop of pink glass pearls and gold plated beads.

$15.00 US PPD

Agate Chip & Copper Earrings
These Agate chip and Copper Wrapped glass earrings go well with the Agate Chip bracelet shown above. The wires are hand formed of sterling silver wire.

$15.00 US PPD

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